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The Team


With over a decade in the eCommerce realm, Ben is celebrated for crafting resilient, scalable solutions and building enduring client ties. Fearlessly diving into technical challenges, he's adept at steering through uncharted territories, becoming a linchpin in multiple agencies. Away from the digital sphere, Ben's an enthusiastic golfer and family man. Partnering with Ben ensures innovative solutions and a transformative business impact.


John combines his visionary engineering mindset with a deep-seated passion for modern tech solutions. His knack for translating intricate issues into straightforward answers has driven innovations in areas like fintech, big data, and eCommerce. Not just a strategist, John excels in greenfield development, focusing on performance, scalability, and fostering efficient teams. Engaging with John guarantees a pragmatic and devoted engineering partner for your vision.


With 15 years as a Coding Architect, Terry is a maestro in designing tailored eCommerce solutions, enhancing user experiences for varied sellers. He's pioneered white-label storefronts with adaptable product catalogs, integrating dynamic contract pricing that withstands high demands. Additionally, his expertise in site search optimization boosts customer engagement and ensures conversions. Partnering with Terry offers a holistic commerce approach, seamlessly integrating front and backend systems, guaranteeing solutions in sync with your business goals.


Ty's ethos as a software architect is grounded in versatility, expertise, and nurturing a vibrant work culture. Beyond steering teams to outdo their benchmarks across diverse sectors, he remains hands-on, ensuring the quality of every code detail. Beyond his technical prowess, Ty is a guiding light for budding developers, fostering their growth through mentorship and promoting a spirit of collaboration. With Ty, you gain a steadfast ally in navigating the complexities of the tech landscape.

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